A meeting place for cross-border discussions in the food industry

  The conversation about the future of food has become increasingly important in recent years. Both established companies in the food industry and new start-ups are competing to offer the most sustainable and innovative products on the market. Now the conversation is getting its own arena in the form of Nordic Food Industry, organised by the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in collaboration with RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, on 18-20 October this year.

Nordic Food Industry is a new food technology trade show for the entire food industry, where the “Innovation Square” provides a meeting place for industry, research, academia and politics. Susanne Bryngelsson, project manager at RISE, hopes that the show will create cross-border conversations and meetings, which will in turn stimulate innovation for a sustainable food industry.

— In the exhibition, suppliers will showcase examples of new technologies, packaging, ingredients and solutions that are useful for the food industry. An area in the middle of the exhibition, which we call the Innovation Square, will bring together key players who offer innovation support to the food industry in various ways. The Innovation Square will be a meeting place where exhibitors and visitors can network informally, for example with financiers, industry organisations and public authorities, Susanne says.

“Food is multidisciplinary”

The Innovation Square will also offer a stage programme, where suppliers and customers will present case studies about the ways in which new technologies, new materials, new solutions, products and services can contribute to the development of the food industry. Companies will also share inspiring examples of how they work with innovation in practice.

On stage, facilitators of innovation will also highlight concrete examples of how they work to support the Swedish food industry’s progress and development, an important aspect of which is supporting the increase in export business. Researchers and experts will share new knowledge relevant to the trade fair’s focus areas – transformation and sustainable solutions, smart industry and product development. This could include the latest developments in process technology, food packaging, sensory science and the impact of food on the environment and health. Examples of how the food industry is affected and its role when society is in crisis, are other important themes.

In addition to new knowledge, it is expected and hoped that participants will gain new inspiration and access to new networks. The new perspectives, and the opportunity to make new contacts, create value that can help participants move forward in their own organisations.

— There are numerous challenges related to sustainable food and the solutions require equally numerous collaborations. With the Innovation Square and the stage programme, we want to create an exchange of knowledge, experience and contacts, and build bridges that lead to cooperation in both the short and the long term.

Innovation Days

In 2019 we held the Innovation Days – also a collaboration between the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre and RISE.

— The Innovation Days 2019 received a very positive response, and we want to create something just as good again. The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre is the show organiser and RISE is involved as an innovation partner for the design of the Innovation Square and the stage programme that will be held in the square. We are very much looking forward to this involvement, which is well in line with RISE’s overall mission to strengthen the competitiveness of the business community and contribute to an innovative development of society, concludes Susanne.

Together with RISE, the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre is organising Nordic Food Industry 18-20 October 2022. Nordic Food Industry is the meeting place for companies and organisations that are developing the smart and sustainable food industry of the future. Want to know more?