Let’s take a closer look at the topic: Smart industry

The food industry is characterised by major challenges, but above all by enormous opportunities. The food industry of tomorrow will be driven by innovations, smart and sustainable solutions, and cross-border collaboration. In this article, we would like to zoom in on one of Nordic Food Industry’s main topics: Smart industry

Why this topic?

What is smart industry? As competition increases and emissions and environmental requirements become more stringent, there is a growing need for a shift in production and new, more sustainable solutions. Smart industry summarises a long-term strategy for Swedish industry. It was originally developed by industry and the government. But as time has moved on, industry has taken the lead and is driving the development of smart industry.

There is enormous expertise in the Swedish food industry, but as is the case within industry as a whole, there is a need for more smart solutions. In the complex climate in which the food industry finds itself, we need to bring together players from both inside and outside the industry to create smarter manufacturing and processing.

Great potential in new influences

In our interview with Marie Gidlund, she said:

– In Sweden, we need to be better at bringing knowledge from other countries and research, compiling it and disseminating it to companies. And then make sure we turn it into action. We need to gear up more quickly to keep up both with the increased competition and with the increased pace of change.

There is enormous potential for the food industry to look and listen to other industries and their smart solutions to develop their own production techniques. To truly modernise processes and make full use of digital opportunities, it is a good idea to look at applications of smart technologies in other industries.

– Nordic Food Industry is in a cross-border meeting place together with Scanautomatic and ProcessTeknik. Something that we see can work positively for new types of ideas and collaborations. There are many ways in which we can learn from each other, says Anki Fagerström, Business Manager for Nordic Food Industry.

Smart factories are emerging and in the food industry they have a clear function. Efficient production benefits the environment, profitability and the competitiveness of the Swedish food industry.

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