Sustainable production on the agenda when the food industry meets

Self-sufficiency is becoming an increasingly hot topic in the industry. Not least in the food industry where major changes are now being made, both to increase self-sufficiency but also to act more sustainably. Atlas Copco Compressor, one of the exhibitors at Nordic Food Industry, is developing solutions to meet the need for more sustainable food production.

Atlas Copco Group is a global industrial company that develops solutions to create lasting results through economic, environmental and social responsibility. Atlas Copco Group includes Atlas Copco Compressor, which works to develop energy-efficient solutions. Among other things, through energy-efficient compressors. Johan Köhler has worked in the industry for 22 years. Today he is Business Line Manager for Industrial Air Division at Atlas Copco Compressor in both Sweden and Iceland.

– The players in the food industry have different needs today than they did just a few years ago. Self-sufficiency has been on the agenda for a long time but has been brought up to date by world unrest. The issue of sustainability is also getting bigger and more important. To meet these needs, we are devoting an incredible amount of resources to research. We are at the forefront of this, Johan Köhler says.

“Sweden needs to become more self-sufficient in food”

Atlas Copco Compressor manufactures energy-efficient compressors and gas generators that can be used in food production. Energy efficiency is part of reducing CO2 emissions. But as electricity has become more expensive, energy efficiency has also become an economic issue.

– At Nordic Food Industry, we will talk about how food companies can reduce their energy needs. And in doing so, reduce their CO2 footprint. Self-sufficiency is also a hot topic in the food industry, especially given what is happening in the world around us right now. Sweden needs to become more self-sufficient in food. By being able to produce the nitrogen gas used in food production ourselves, production is secured, Johan says.

At the fair, Atlas Copco Compressor will showcase new solutions for how food industry players can shift to more sustainable production. And through the transition be part of the collective effort that needs to be made.

– We’ll talk about new products released during the year. The food industry is still an energy-intensive activity. If we can constantly work to reduce energy consumption, it will make quite an impact.

“There’s always an extra step to take”

Working towards sustainable production throughout the value chain is not only part of the process of reducing its climate footprint. It’s also about meeting the needs of consumers, which have been changing more and more in recent years. There are higher demands on production as well as on the food itself.

– There is an incredible amount happening in the food industry. We talk about new types of food, ways to reduce climate impact and how to actually implement the actions required. There is a need to come together after the pandemic and I expect that we, and others, will find new players to work with.

– My hope is that visitors to the fair will take away the message that there is always room for improvement. That people are open to new technology and new solutions. There is always an extra step to take. And that step is beneficial for everyone, Johan concludes.

Nordic Food Industry is the meeting place for the food industry of the future and will take place at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre 18-20 October 2022. Read more about Nordic Food Industry here.