You are invited to submit your proposals for presentations at Nordic Food Industry!

You are invited to submit your proposals for presentations at Nordic Food Industry!

We are offering the opportunity to present a 20-minute lecture on the open stage. Speaker programmes are offered on every day of the fair, 18 – 20 October. Feel free to submit your proposals for the open stage programme.

These can include case studies, news, launches and future solutions that follow the 2022 themes at Nordic Food Industry: Sustainable solutions, smart industry and Product development.

Visitors are interested in real life customer case studies that are inspiring and impart new knowledge. Feel free to invite the customer to the presentation to strengthen your case study.
Share your successful experiences!

Note that the submission of proposals does not guarantee participation. The selection is made by Nordic Food Industry’s programme managers.

Practical information

  • Each programme is 20 minutes (with a 10 minute break between each item)
  • There will be a standing table and technical equipment on stage with, among other things, a speaker system and a display / screen for presentations
  • Technicians are on hand for the on-stage programme
  • The on-stage programme will be displayed on digital screens
  • Your programme will be promoted via Nordic Food Industry’s marketing channels


You stay in touch with those assisting with the presentation theatre and inform them about the set-up, times and all practical details. You are also responsible for any of the participants’ fees, hotel and travel costs. We will take care of everything onsite.


The following schedule will apply if your presentation is to become part of Nordic Food Industry.

  • 16 May 2022, deadline for submission
  • 1 June 2022 notification of acceptance or not


If you have any questions, contact:

Anki Fagerström Business Manager, or

Valentina Arvidsson Content Planner
Telephone 031-708 80 00

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